How To Fix A Faucet Leak

FAUCETS - because of the frequency of their use - are prone to leaks and drips. Most faucets are easy to fix, but you do need to find out two things before proceding to repair the leak. First, what type of faucet you have; and second, where the leak is coming from. Knowing the answers to these two questions helps you identify exactly what needs to be fixed.


Frozen Pipes

If your pipes freeze, the first thing you should do is to shut off the water supply and open a faucet nearest to the frozen pipes. Now, if you don't know where exactly the frozen blockage is, and the suspected pipes are exposed, you can do a simple test to check. Run a moist rag along the length of pipe - frost will form on the frozen section. Once the frozen section is identified, warm the pipe with a hair dryer - starting on the end nearest the faucet and advancing the dryer along the pipe about a foot per minute.


Interior Doors: Solid Pine is more than just functional, also stylish.

There are many different options and products to consider when updating or remodeling your home. Paint, flooring, fixtures, window coverings and cabinets, are just a few. It’s important to realize that the doors in your home aren’t just functional; there are part of a home’s décor. They are a buffer between one space and the next. You might be surprised at the impact that interior doors can have, the whole feeling of a room can change based on the doors you choose.


Bathroom Safety

Safety must come first in your bathroom. With forethought, and little more than a screwdriver, it is possible to considerably reduce the risk of bathroom mishaps befalling anyone in the family, regardless of age or mobility.
Everyone can benefit from the use of non-slip rubber mats in the tub and shower.
Toddlers should not have unsupervised access to a bathroom at any time. A temporary doorknob cover will prevent them from entering.