Military Weekend Warrior Project: Barn Door DIY Installation

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Internal Barn DoorsBarn doors have taken off as a major part of design in many homes and renovations. These are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are very functional in tight areas of the home. This is the major reason why Ryan and I decided to install barn doors in our bedroom. The entry to the master bedroom is extremely close to the master bedroom door. This caused a problem we named “confusion corner”. If the master bedroom door was opened into the room, you could easily hit that door with the bathroom door when entering or leaving the bathroom. Not only did this cause a headache, but the doors being open into the bedroom cut into the open space in the room itself. Barn doors were an easy solution to a headache of a problem.

Here is how we went from "confusion corner" to rustic and stylish:


  • barn door installation, finer doorsFiner Doors Barn Door
  • Finer Doors Barn Door Slider Kit
  • 1-1x3
  • Impact Drill
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Stain
  • Paintbrush

The barn doors, provided by Finer Doors, are an unfinished pine slab that need to be stained to fit your desired design aesthetics. Stain the doors outside with proper ventilation on all sides. Let dry.

barn doorsRemove existing door from the casing using a drill or screwdriver.

While waiting for the doors to dry, bring doors upstairs and prep all materials for installation. Cut your 1x3 to at least the length of your barn door track. In our case, this was 72”. Install 1 ¾” above the casing of the door and at least 2” past the wall opening on each side.

Install the track to the header board. The center board needs to be level and prepped to attach to the 1x3. Mark holes with a pencil for drilling after a level line is determined. Drill ¼ pilot holes and place the supplied spacers behind the track using the mounting bolts and washers provided.

Installing a Barn DoorNext, you will install the door floor guide. You will need to drill this into the floor. You may need to use longer screws if you have carpet.

Now, it is time to install the hangers. Remove the bolts and place the hanger 2” away from the edge of the door. Align the center so it is at least 1 ½” from the top edge. Mark the holes and drill pilot holes. Install the bolts where provided in the instructions.

On the edge of the door, you will need to install anti-skip discs to keep the doors from running off the tracks. Make sure these face the front of the door.

Now that the doors are dry, bring them to the installation area and turn the jump discs to allow door installation. Add door to the track and ensure the door is level. Once level is found, turn the skip discs and lock the doors into place.

Install the door handle evenly on the barn door. Be sure to use a level to ensure the handle is aligned properly on the door. Use a drill to attach the handle to the barn door for easy usability.

Add all caps provided in the kit and you now have a barn door!

Finished Barn DoorsThis is a simple project that can bring design and efficiency into your home. It changes the entire aesthetic of the room and provided us with our rustic feel. Show us your barn door installation! We'd love to see how you incorporate them into your home. Just tag Bargain Outlet in your social posts.

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